Industry specific stationery, forms, permits and posters

Our industry knowledge and experience led Pertrain to design and print industry specific stationery such as risk assessment tools, books, safety analysis forms, permits and posters.

These resources are now some of our most requested products.  In particular our generic Take 5 and Hazard Observation pocket books.

Need something specific? Our in-house art studio can supply graphic art services, photographers, script writers and technical writers to help you create customised products that you need to work safely and efficiently. They are then professionally printed and delivered to you. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

TAKE 5 booklets

Over the years our clients have asked us to create various informal risk assessment tools such as TAKE 5s, SAMs, STAARs and Step-backs. With this experience we have developed a generic TAKE 5 risk assessment which will suit most industries and work sites but can be easily customised to suit your organisation.

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JSEA JSA books

A Job Safety and Environmental Analysis (JSEA), also known as a Job Step Analysis (JSA), is used to identify hazards and their controls and communicate these to the work group.  A JSEA is conducted for all non-routine tasks. Pertrain has developed an effective JSEA template that we can customise to your organisation.  We can also train your staff in the use of JSEA. JSEAs save time and lives!

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dropdown-column Our generic Equipment Pre-start Checklist books help you assess your equipment before use. These checklists will help show potential hazards by exposing any damage or flaws by misuse, wear and tear or lack of servicing.

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pre-start books

Pertrain has a library of form templates that are easy to use and can be customised to suit your specific requirements.

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dropdown-column Posters, brochures and flyers allow you to effectively communicate ideas and information to a wide audience. Posters are an effective communication tool to let the workforce know of new initiatives or simple safety tips. A picture is worth a thousand words! Have a look at our free safety posters. If you have an idea for another poster we’d love to hear it.