An induction program is the process used to welcome new employees, contractors or visitors to the work site and familiarise them with the company and its procedures.

Even people with a long record of safe work in their usual working environment are at risk when they commence work in a new area.  The extra risk is generally associated with the person’s lack of familiarity with the new work place, its procedures and accepted ways of getting the job done.  Very often, this risk can be minimised through proper induction training.

Pertrain has an excellent reputation for providing innovative, informative, and easy to use induction programs for government departments, private and public companies, both nationally and international.   Pertrain can supply fully self-contained induction programs including instructor manuals, induction booklets, videos and assessments or interactive computer based inductions to suit any industry or any site.  Pertrain’s computer based induction systems store user details and generate various reports.  They can also be made SCORM compliant to enable information to be uploaded into the client’s LMS.

dropdown-columnPertrain’s visitor induction provides a consistent and efficient means of addressing the obligation that an organisation has to inform visitors of their safety obligations and responsibilities while on site.

Visitor induction content is customised to suit your organisation’s needs and typically includes text, graphics, voice over, videos, assessments and login screens.  The induction can be used on-line, on a desktop computer or on a stand alone touch-screen kiosk.

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Induction_pic The purpose of an employee induction is to familiarise a new employee or contractor with the information they need to operate efficiently and safely within the organisation and be productive as quickly as possible.  Employee inductions can be broken down into three levels.

General Induction

Topics include:
  • Understanding legislation
  • Communications in the workplace
  • Working on site (including fit for work etc)
  • Risk management process
  • Risk management tools ( indlucing Take 5, JSEA, permits, tagging, PPE etc)
  • common work site hazards and risks
  • emergency procedures (including first aid, fire fighting).

Site Induction*

Topics include:
  • Parent company history and mission statements
  • Company/site policies and procedures
  • Location of restricted areas
  • Site risk assessment tools
  • Site specific hazards and controls
  • Site emergency procedures
  • Employment conditions (employee induction only).
*Can be presented as a stand alone induction or integrated into the general induction.

Area Induction

Topics include:
  • General layout of area
  • Area specific hazards
  • Location of emergency equipment.
photo-Kiosk Pertrain’s most popular induction systems are those that are self-guided and self-paced.  To meet this demand, Pertrain uses a touch-screen kiosk for visitor inductions. The kiosks can be customised with your organisation’s branding to create that professional first impression when placed at the entrance to your worksite. Each kiosk can stand alone, or be connected to a network to allow access to databases, servers and other information.  The kiosk can be adapted with a range of attachments including card printers/readers and keyboards, which makes this a very versatile asset. The kiosk can be programmed to deliver inductions or other online programs such as Toolbox Talks. Contact us for more information about our kiosks.
Online?  Kiosk?  Paper-based? – We can develop and deliver the induction you need.  Contact us to see what we can do for you.