Equipment Operator Manuals

The content, structure and look of our equipment operator training resources is the result of more than 30 years of feedback provided by industry.

Pertrain equipment operator manuals are written around a specific item of equipment and can include site modifications and site procedures.  The resources are organised into three sections.

  1. Operator Responsibilities –information about applicable legislation and standards, the role and responsibilities of the operator, safety information, risk assessment and maintenance.
  2. Equipment Module – specific information about the selected machine type, make and model.  Equipment modules for other models can be purchased and easily slot into the training program.
  3. Production Techniques – information about planning and preparing for operations, production methods and emergency procedures.
This three section structure enables training on similar equipment without repeating the generic information (sections 1 and 3).  This saves training time, money and alleviates learner and trainer frustration that results from repetition of training and assessment content. Resources are supported by a Trainers Familiarisation Document, Statutory and Regulatory Requirements Document, Training and Assessment Record, as well as training support material including PowerPoint slides, reference material. For smaller organisations that require one manual to cover more than one type of equipment model, Pertrain has developed a generic “off-the-shelf” version that replaces the equipment module section (2) with a check list for the trainer and learner to fill out.  These can be ordered through the Pertrain online store.

We have provided sample files from one of our training packages to show you the quality you can expect from our Equipment Manual resources.

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Equipment Operator Manuals

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