Companies that have numerous projects or disciplines can find it difficult to gather and collate information for efficient reporting.  The information is often in a variety of non-compatible formats or multiple spreadsheets.

Report Centre

Pertrain’s Report Centre System creates a central and standardised reporting structure across all projects and disciplines within the organisation.  Information is entered into a central database and graphic reports can be generated to show emerging trends and the effectiveness of responsive actions.

Safe Stats

It is often difficult to measure if employees and contractors are working safely.  Organisations tend to take a reactive approach and focus on incidents to give an indication of how safe the workplace is.  However, this approach only gives one side of the story, not taking the work that is being done safely into consideration.

Pertain’s Safe Stats reporting system provides a broad safety picture assisting you to identify and respond to issues before they become incidents.

Safe Stats can include topics such as PPE, risk assessment, manual handling and hazardous materials.  The program can be used by multiple platforms including smart phones, tablets and computers. Information is instantly recorded into a database and up to date reports can be generated immediately.