Pertrain can supply desktop publishing, graphic design, multimedia products, scriptwriters and procedure writers to help you create the products you need to work safely and efficiently.

Areas of expertise

Graphics_picFrom a one page brochure to a 300 page book, every page should look good and be easy to read.

Our experienced desktop publishers understand this so no matter how basic the topic is, our staff can make it look exciting.  There is no excuse for poor presentation! 

ValveThe talents of a graphic artist, combined with the very latest in computer equipment and software, means that our clients are assured of top quality artwork, either computer generated or hand drawn.

Graphics play an essential part in any resource.  They break up large amounts of text and are designed to make understanding the information easier and more memorable.

Our graphics team can draw:

  • machines and equipment
  • mechanical systems
  • processes
  • buildings and work sites.
Square-Jameson-Cell A product of Pertrain’s commitment to continuous training improvement.  An object viewed in 3D can be examined from all perspectives and components identified, broken down and animated. Our graphics team has drawn 3D images ranging from mobile equipment to full processing plants that have not yet been built.  If you can imagine it, we can draw it, in 2 or 3D. 
Toon_thumbsupCartoons are a useful addition to any learning or reading material. They can be serious or humorous and can be used to reinforce good operational behaviour or highlight the consequences of bad practices.

Using cartoons makes the content user friendly and can exaggerate a situation to make the message more meaningful and memorable.

More Info

PosterPosters, brochures and flyers allow you to effectively communicate ideas and information to a wide audience.  Posters are an effective communication tool to let the workforce know of new initiatives or simple safety tips.  A picture is worth a thousand words!

Have a look at our free safety posters.  If you have an idea for a poster we’d love to hear it.