Pertrain Visitor Induction System

Companies have an obligation to inform visitors and contractors of their personal safety responsibilities, any site hazards and relevant companies procedures.

The best way to do this is with a visitor induction system that can be accessed from the users own phone or from a kiosk on site.

A visitor induction system will record all entries and departures, so personnel on site can be easily identified and contacted during an emergency.

The features of the Pertrain visitor induction system are:

Front-end user interface

  • Provides visitors and contractors with the induction content and assessment questions
  • Each site can contain different types of inductions with different induction content.
  • Can be accesses from the users own device or via a kiosk on site
  • Sends a reminder text to the visitor if they have not logged off within a certain time period.
  • Notifies the site escort that the visitor has arrived via email
  • Can scan a visitor card for frequent visitors or employees.

Back-end administration site

  • Induction content and questions can be easily customized
  • Records all visit times and visitor information
  • Produces full reports and statistics
  • Employees can invite/register visitors and contractors to site through the web interface
  • Visitors can complete the induction before they come to site.

General benefits

  • Consistent message delivered to visitors
  • Portrays a professional company image
  • No need to decipher hand writing on sign in books


A site can have a number of different inductions, for example a general visitor induction, delivery driver induction and a contractor induction.

A system can also be used to keep a record of employees onsite.

Induction Types

There are 3 different types of inductions.


Supervised visitors are short term visitors that are coming to site for meetings or supervised work.

A supervised visitors will need to stay with a company escort at all times during their visit.


Unsupervised visitors are workers that are conducting unsupervised work onsite. These may include:

  • Cleaning staff Trades people
  • Contractors

Unsupervised visitors are required to conduct a more detailed induction than a supervised visitor. The induction should cover additional company policies and procedures.


Employees are full time staff that work at the site on a regular basis.


  • can invite people to site are listed in the “who are you visiting” list have completed a full employee induction as part of their onboarding process

Induction content

The induction content can be developed and edited by your team, or one of our skilled developers. Simply use the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor to create the induction as if you were using a text editor. Or take full control over the content by editing the html source code.

Induction content is html 5 and CSS 3 so your induction content can be fully responsive (works on both mobile devices and PCs). The system take advantage of the Bootstrap 5 framework to assist experienced developers.

Induction content can incorporate video, photographs, cartoons and voice over.

An image library is also included that contains common generic images that are used in inductions, or add your own images.