Why Use Cartoons?

Cartoons are a useful addition to any learning or reading material. They can be serious or humorous and can be used to reinforce good operational behaviour or highlight the consequences of bad practices.

Using cartoons makes the content user friendly and can exaggerate a situation to make the message more meaningful and memorable.

  • adds variety
  • targets the different ways in which people learn
  • humor can create a more relaxed and engaged learning environment.
  • help better illustrate the point being made

Pertrain cartoons are now available to be used in your safety and training material. This collection has taken over 30 years to develop and contains over 10,000 cartoons.

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A pictures says a thousand words

cartoonistThe talents of a graphic artist, combined with the very latest in computer equipment and software, means that our clients can have top quality artwork, either computer generated or hand drawn.

Graphics play an essential part in any resource.  They break up large amounts of text and are designed to make understanding the information easier and more memorable.

Our graphics team can draw:

  • machines and equipment
  • mechanical systems
  • processes
  • buildings and work sites
  • general illustrations
  • 3D illustrations
  • cartoons