Policies and procedures are the strategic link between your organisation’s vision and your day-to-day operations.

Well-written policies and procedures:

  • standardise operations
  • create a framework for all business decisions
  • increase organisational accountability and transparency
  • ensure compliance with laws, regulations and industry requirements
  • reduce risks to the organisation, the employees, contractors, visitors and clients.
  • Involving staff and management in the development of policies and procedures increases understanding and fosters a sense of ownership and loyalty to the company.  This typically results in greater commitment to organisational standards and practices.

At Pertrain we take the time to discuss your organisation’s vision, goals and current work practices before writing policies and procedures that suit your organisational climate and mode of operation.

We can help you with developing and writing:

  • high level strategic policies
  • regulatory policies
  • company policies
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Standard Work Practices (SWP)
  • Standard Work Instructions (SWI)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Job Safety Environmental Analysis (JSEA)
  • reports and proposals
  • award submissions
  • fact sheets
  • brochures.