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Horses for Courses


There are always different ‘Horses for Courses’. In terms of training tools this may mean choosing eLearning or whiteboard animation over traditional classroom training.

Blended learning caters for different learning styles

blended learning

We all know that we learn in different ways. The acronym VARK (visual/seeing, aural/hearing, read/write, kinaesthetic/doing) has been around for nearly 30 years.1  But often the best way to learn, and therefore to train, especially in a group situation, is a combination of methods – or a blend. Blended learning includes various training delivery methodologies […]

You are never too old to learn

learning and training styles

So just when you think you know it all, something comes along to remind you that learning is a life-long pursuit. For Pertrain Pen it was the word Asynchronous. Pertrain has been writing training materials for well over 30 years. We have been developing eLearning packages for nearly a decade. But in all this time […]

Does 70:20:10 = 100% Retention?

Angle Grinder accidents

Probably not, but advocates of this holistic training model swear that it’s far more effective than using traditional training methods alone. The 70:20:10 model is based on the idea that people learn more effectively when learning combines new information with retrieved knowledge (what the person already knows) and practical application (work experience). The approximate weighing […]

Everybody’s doing it!

Training Log Book

Muscle builders do it.  Obstetricians and Gynaecologists do it. Some seventeen-year-old drivers do it too. What is ‘it’? Maintain a training log book. A training log book is used to record informal training and operational experience obtained in situ (the workplace, on the road, etc).  This training/experience usually comes after the person has received formal […]

Recipe for learning (Part 1)

Recipe for Learning

Recipe for learning Ingredients 1 need to pass on important information 1 topic at a time 1-10 learners A dash of learning difficulties A sprinkle of different training tools to suit experience, attitudes and learning styles. Method Place all ingredients into a suitable learning space and mix well. If only it was that easy… Training and […]